Electronic Passport / ID Card Solutions

Changing business doing models and developing transportation possibilities have now removed the borders in today’s world. Within the framework of the standards set by ICAO, each Unites Nations members state has made it compulsory to issue electronic passport to its citizens. In parallel to this development, electronic ID cards have now become smart.  The technologies and standards used in the said products need to be constantly renewed based on security and performance requirements.

Exim produces solutions under the following headings with respect to electronic passport/ID card solutions:

  • Electronic Passport / ID Card Production Solutions

- Card Production Laminators

- Passport Book Production Systems

- Card/ Passport Termination / Cutting Machines

- Hot Stamping Machines

- Preliminary Personalization Systems

  • Electronic Passport/ID Personalization Solutions

- Desktop Laser / Inkjet Personalization Machines

- Industrial Laser / Inkjet Personalization Machines

- Passports / ID Readers

- Personalization Software

- Public Key  Infrastructures

  • Electronic Visa Solutions
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