Polycarbonate and Alloy Sheets

EXIM presents special sheets as Polycarbonate and Alloy to global ID card Market. The all sheets are developed according to the latest technology. The sheets provide to be manufactured ID cards, smart cards, insurance cards, e-passports, driving licenses with excellent quality and long life durability.

The Polycarbonate Sheets are produced in different types as Laserable, White, Non-Laser and Anti-Scratch etc. The all sheets can be delivered by the requested size and thickness as roll or cut.

The specifications of the Sheets meet all required international quality standards and test reports may be submitted upon request.

Combination the advantages of Pet-G and compensate their weakness with the characteristics and strengths of Polycarbonate a new products is born as Alloy Sheet . The sheets have practically efficient heat resistance and intensity. The advantage of the Alloy is excellent printing nature and lower lamination temperature and providing laser-marking.

  • Polycarbonate Sheets
  • Alloy Sheets
- Laserable Sheets - Laserable Sheets
- White Sheets - White Sheets
- Non-Laser Sheets - Non-Laser Sheets
- Anti-Scratch Sheets  
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